Joker ★★★★

Honestly surprised I liked this a good amount. People are blowing the controversial aspects way out of proportion; there’s no interpretation of the film where the joker is the good guy/victim. That said, the experience of this whole film was every 10 minutes getting really into it and then some dumb shit happens (usually bad dialogue) and it takes me another 10 minutes to get back into the film. I didn’t even think I really liked it until about halfway through. It’s such a shame when everything is so well-executed, but the foundation of the film has issues that could easily be combed out. The only clear, unambiguous commentary is when Arthur complains that society won’t let people be funny anymore, which itself is funny because Todd Phillips clearly sees himself as the Joker here. And that’s, you know, fun. Anyway, there are a lot of small inconsistencies I’m thinking about, some intentional, some not so much. I’m flip-flopping how I feel, but my initial impression of the movie is pretty good.

Edit: WHY did they play the hey song during the stair scene. There’s transportative cinema, but I don’t wanna be transported to high school pep rallies

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