Spider-Man: No Way Home

Spider-Man: No Way Home ★★★

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This review may contain spoilers.

What’s wrong with the previous Holland movies that isn’t wrong with this one? Did you just need to hear someone say “with great power comes great responsibility” and then die? It’s not like in this instance it’s even the consequence of a character flaw/shortcoming for Peter grow out of. You could argue it motivates vengeance, but this just leads to flip-flopping character motivation where Peter only spends about 5 minutes total set on killing Osborn before being easily talked out of it every time, which I think is indicative of how little the movie wants to put in the work on anything. I won’t scrutinize magic “plot holes” because some executive could easily pull a made up word out of a hat as a spell to account for those, but in a smaller sense Spider-Man only saves people offscreen before heroically landing them on a bridge (the bare minimum for a superhero movie is, god forbid, an actual set piece), and in a grander sense no palpable relationship is built between Peter and any of the villains. We’re left to microdose the other Spider-Man movies to make up for the fact that this trilogy hasn’t built a compelling foundation, so it’s no wonder there’s no internal journey with this iteration of Peter. 

Also not to kick it while it’s down (even though it’s not) but all the allusions to the previous generations’ scores do is accentuate how boring Giacchino’s theme is here.

I guess it was fun to hear the Spider-Men riff.

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