Waves ★★★

To echo everyone else, this film is a LOT. After a certain plot beat, I thought we had moved onto an epilogue, thinking “wow what a well-paced 2 hours” until I realized that it was a whole second half we were getting into. I think the first half, which is extreme in every sense, sacrifices development that would be important to the second half for the sake of shock value. The second half is more meditative, but mediative over things that weren’t important in the first half, and I don’t think it was the point of the film to focus on the wrong things at the wrong times. I also lost a sense of what the aspect ratios mean in the second half because it doesn’t seem entirely consistent with the first half. And on that note, the increasingly liberal use of aspect ratios in movies in the past few years excites me but also worries me. I fear it could become (or has already become) a very film school technique, much like switching between black & white and color. I think there’s more to interpret with aspect ratio shifts, but I think it’s technique should be used rather sparingly because it’s quite an extreme aesthetic decision. Anyway, this movie is crazy for both intentional and unintentional reasons.

Side note: I thought I was the only one who had ever though to shoot a film at weeki wachee, but I guess they beat me to it. I’ll try to shoot something less uplifting than this.

Side note #2: I love the lens flares in this movie. I don’t know what lenses they used, but the thin circles are great

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