(500) Days of Summer

(500) Days of Summer ★★★★★

This movie was everything to me growing up. 

I was never a big movie person, and this was the first movie I ever fell in love with. I devoured it. It was the first movie I ever asked my mom to buy me on dvd so I could always have it physically around me. I spent years of my life rewatching it to the point of memorizing it because to me, there was never going to be anything better. 

It shaped the music taste that I still have as an adult. The style I gravitate toward. The apartment qualities I look for when I move. Even my taste in guys. 

I hadn’t seen this movie in many years now until tonight, and from the moment the opening notes of music played I was completely locked in. 

My thoughts about the movie itelf and the story have changed over years. You’re young and think Summer is horrible, and then you get older and think no Tom was just clueless, and then you get even older and say, “maybe they were just both bad at communicating.” 

Above all, this movie reminded me that I am still the person I was when I first watched it in middle school, and I am also the person I was when I watched this after breakups in high school, and I’m still the person I was when I was trying to be effortless and cool and single in college and used this movie as my blueprint, and I’m the person I am today. 

Maybe this is really deep for a romcom, but this movie means a lot to me. Childhood me would never think that I would have found other art and movies over the years that elicited the same emotional response as this one did at that time. 

I just really love this film and it will always have a special place in my heart.

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