Housebound ★★★★

"You know, the closed mind is the worst defense against the paranormal, Kylie. What are you gonna do against a hostile spirit? You just gonna crack jokes?"
"No, I am going to smash it in the face."
"You cannot punch ectoplasm."

Housebound is so kiwi, its amazing. The humour is fantastic and it was just as hilarious my second time round.

Amos adds so much value to this film, he is such a gem of a supporting character. And Rima Te Wiata is so awesome, I don't know why she hasn't been in more films up until now. She was great in Housebound and in Hunt for the Wilderpeople! Her facials are on point.

As far as the horror side of it goes, there's a few good scares and its a mice we mystery that unravels and keeps you guessing all the way!

Housebound is loads of fun!

NZ represent! haha!

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