Possessor ★★★★½

Honestly I have been left speechless... It is not too often that a film does this to me. This film is going to stay with me for a long time. Possessor is a truly brilliant and extremely haunting sci-fi/thriller film. This is definitely not for those who are not fans of gore, there is a ton of it in this as well as other extremely disturbing imagery. There were many times that I wanted to look away from the screen that is for sure.

In terms of creativity this is an extremely creative and unique film, though it does have some Looper and Source Code vibes, the story is wholly original. I was really pulled into the plot as it was a race against time, and I never knew where it was going next.

All of the cinematography was mesmerizing, as was the score. There is some great trippy imagery throughout the film. The effects, makeup, and production design were absolutely jaw dropping. I'm not sure if this is a film I will watch again for a very long time, if ever due to its extremely disturbing nature but damn is it going to stick with me.

The ending was truly haunting as well as incredibly well done. Definitely check this one out, this film is definitely a standout in this crazy year.

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