Batman ★★★★½

Did you ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?

If you were alive in 1989 this felt like the biggest thing ever. That bat logo was everywhere and I think I owned a million product tie-ins. I was pretty much obsessed with this movie and I vividly recall my cousin taking me to see the film. Well it's still pretty great in my opinion and obviously highly influential on superhero films.

They nail a lot of the elements here as Burton is a perfect choice to adapt a comic book and he creates an amazing looking Gotham City. The style and mood are a large part of what makes this movie and of course the Elfman score is legendary. I actually don't care too much about a lot of the side characters but it doesn't matter that much because Keaton and Nicholson are iconic in their roles and it's their movie. I guess you could nitpick the change to Batman's backstory and the fight scenes are not really that spectacular, but this is still the definition of blockbuster and a classic of the genre.

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