Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills ★★★★

This was my most anticipated movie of the year and I am pretty satisfied. There is a lot to like especially if you're a hardcore Halloween fan and the flashback scenes in particular were incredibly fun and the stand-in looked and sounded close enough to add to the effect. It's also a nice looking film with lots of great shots and good use of lighting and the Carpenter score is stellar as you might expect. Of course the title says Kills and this is a brutally violent movie and the kills are really awesome. Michael is a complete bad ass and sells the whole idea of a town needing to come together to stop him.

That is the crux of the story, which is a cool concept because usually there's just a final girl, but here it makes sense that Haddonfield would band together to take him down and it really does feel like a direct continuation of 2018. I liked seeing all the returning characters, although it is convenient they are all best friends. I'm not sure why Lindsey would hang out with Marion Chambers, but okay. However, it was fun seeing Lindsey, Tommy, Brackett, etc. and I thought Kyle Richards and Anthony Michael Hall were pretty solid.

As for the Strode women, JLC, Greer and Andy Matichak are easy to root for and I thought Judy Greer was much better in this movie than the last. Some people may be upset that Jamie doesn't do much in this film, but it fit the story and this is the second part of a trilogy. It also seems people have issue with the ending, but they said this was the Empire Strikes Back of the series and I think that's fairly accurate in terms of where it leaves off and I actually loved the ending. In relation to that, the humour is toned down this time around too.

As for my issues with the film, my number one complaint is the dialogue. It's a slasher film so I'm not expecting Shakespeare, but it could have been better. It's not even really that it's bad, but I know Michael is evil and I don't need it repeated a thousand times. A lot of it just felt like "movie" lines.

Overall though I thought it was a blast, especially if you just love Michael because this might be the most sadistic version ever. There's a lot of other touches I liked too like the pumpkin credit sequence, the return of the Silver Shamrock kids, the great replication of the 78 mask, etc. Go watch it in a theatre if you can and not that silly Peacock service.

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