John Wick: Chapter 2

John Wick: Chapter 2 ★★★★½

Trousers? Tapered. Lining? Tactical.

Chapter 2 improves on the already excellent first film by upping the ante in just about every way. The stylized gun fights are even more elaborate this time and there are a number of great action sequences, such as the chop shop, the catacombs, the subway, and the hall of mirrors. It's just expertly directed with the same colourful visual style as the previous movie. It looks tremendous.

Keanu is once again very good and there are some nice additions to the cast, such as Common and Ruby Rose, and the fight scenes with them are awesome. As a bonus, Reeves is reunited with Laurence Fishburne. The movie does a nice job of building the mythology of the Continental and the assassin world, and simultaneously provides a satisfying conclusion to Chapter 2 while also leaving on a great tease for Parabellum. This is one of the better action movies you'll see.

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