The Shining

The Shining ★★★

That's what I've been missing.

This is not nearly as bad as its reputation, despite that awful line delivery. Admittedly it is probably inferior to Kubrick's in every way, although I would argue Rebecca De Mornay is an upgrade over Shelley Duvall. Also, they filmed this at the hotel that inspired King and it's a tremendous location and really adds to the movie. There is some questionable CGI and Courtland Mead is downright horrific as Danny, but I like this miniseries because there is just something about King miniseries' that I find endlessly comforting. So yes, this is a 4.5 hours long, but just watch it in a couple sittings and it's not an issue.

Overall I actually don't mind Weber's performance and there is some decent atmosphere and some good horror moments. I would actually give this 3.5 stars but Courtland Mead is so bad that it loses a half star. Either way, if you can't get enough Shining I think this is fun in its own right and a decent companion piece if you want to see what Stephen King prefers.

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