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  • Reds



    'Reds' offers a look into the oft forgotten origins of socialism in America. As well as a portrait inside the mind of a revolutionary and his complex relationship with the woman he loves. One of the last of the great epic historical dramas spanning years, it signaled the end of a unique era in Hollywood film making. Perhaps not as well known as Doctor Zhivago, or as analysed as Barry Lyndon, it matches them in depth and surpasses them as…

  • Ingrid Goes West

    Ingrid Goes West


    Aubrey Plaza and Elizabeth Olsen must have great chemistry together in real life. Because getting them together at any cost must have been the objective here, regardless of making an interesting, relevant, or otherwise meaningful movie. Ironically, the movie is as shallow as the point it's trying to make. Because a story driven by the selfishness of its characters cannot redeem any of them with even worse character flaws. When watching this film, one isn't really sure who the villain…

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  • The Beyond

    The Beyond


    The Beyond builds on a classic enough premise; a gate to hell and someone is trying to open it. Then it proceeds to blow whatever expectations you may have had out of the water. A virtuoso use of resources gets every last bit out of the film's obviously limited budget. But a small budget is made up for with big, ambitious original ideas, that would give even the most desensitized millennial kid nightmares. Once it starts it simply doesn't stop.…

  • Badlands



    Natural Born Killers but without the pretentious visual style or overblown sense of self-importance with its message, Badlands delivers what that film set out to without becoming a bloated mess....a Bonnie and Clyde story for a new generation. However in this film, our Bonnie and Clyde are neither condemned nor glorified. The intrigue isn't in their actions, or even with their past or origins. They are humans reacting to human events in human ways. And, surprisingly, that appeals to human…