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  • Milk
  • Evil Does Not Exist
  • The Beast
  • Hesitation Wound

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  • Valerie and Her Week of Wonders


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  • A Haunting in Venice


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  • There Was a Father

    There Was a Father


    The moment Ryusuke Hamaguchi arrives for a genuine (and I suspect insightful) 20m surprise talk on Yasujiro Ozu and it's only translated into Italian

  • Untold: Swamp Kings

    Untold: Swamp Kings



    Tussen 2005 en 2009 boekte American footballcoach Urban Meyer zwaarbevochte successen met de Florida Gators, een gedreven studententeam dat de universiteit van Florida vertegenwoordigt. De miniserie Untold: Swamp Kings verhaalt in vier afleveringen over de cocktail van hoogtepunten en tegenslagen, maar vergeet zich te verdiepen in de ontwikkelingen die de meeste vragen oproepen.

    Verder lezen: www.serietotaal.nl/nieuws/29919/-recensie-netflix-serie-untold-swkings

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  • Bitter Moon

    Bitter Moon


    This movie's anti-Titanic. The boat doesn't sink and all references to (true) love turn out to be deceiving illusions. I absolutely loved it.

  • Dune



    Felt like a mediocre episode in the Star Wars saga and not as the intelligent space opera I hoped it would be. I hate to affirm that a big budget-miniseries could have toppled this rendering of the characters and their respective planet groups. Now Hollywood actors are literally drowning in the sand while imitating and performing the gravitas of dreams, utopias and power motives. Their high hopes fail in credibility *partly* because the built-up of the screenplay is unconvincing (dreams…