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  • American Anarchist

    American Anarchist


    A documentary about the accountability of artists for the impact their work has on the world.  Really, its about one man who wrote a manual when he was young, dumb, and angry at the world and the confrontation of that infamous book's history.  But the broader connection of artistic accountability is relevant and interesting.

    It often crops up with comedians or with people who cite the first amendment as a blank check for their words.  This idea that because you…

  • Dark Night

    Dark Night


    This film applies itself as an Elephant type film looking at the day leading up to an analogue for the Aurora shooting.  But this film feels exploitative and a little sleazy in its attempts to cash in on a tragedy.  

    It makes no attempt to connect with any of the characters involved in this day, despite us "following them" on the day leading up.  We don't follow anyone.  We get elegantly shot mystery glimpses at people but none of it…

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  • La La Land

    La La Land


    A passionate love letter to passion and love. I don't have a lot here, La La Land is lovely and pristine and a lot more real than I ever expected.

    A love story between two people, one in love with performing and one in love with jazz, although it's not immediately clear the true parameters of this love story.

    I was pretty deeply surprised by where this went in its arc and follow through concerning the logical progressions for what…

  • Get Out

    Get Out


    A sharp and incisive satire and a decent horror film. The line between the two is tricky to maintain here and it never really finds a strong balance. Every time we start building tension or dread or mystery or unease with the racial undertones and general weird vibe Peele masterfully concocts, the film pinwheels and fumbles to push us through to the straight horror elements, to shove the narrative forward, to cut back to the bumbling sidekick character.

    It has…