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  • Palm Springs

    Palm Springs


    I feel like every review for this is going to spend time comparing it favourably to the other time loop movies and so I’ll skip that part.  It twists the sub genre around enough that it creates its own pace, feeling, vibe, a chaotic sense of humour, and a sweet romantic entanglements, and uses these to burrow into its own little hole.

    I wonder how everyone will react to this now that it’s available on Hulu.  All of us who…

  • Hamilton



    I've noticed a tendency by some folks to dismiss, belittle, or attempt to delegitimize Hamilton by pretending that the musical gives the problematic history of the founding fathers a pass. In a rap musical written by an artist of colour who filled the cast of white founding fathers with actors of colour. It's a disingenuous assertion and it's the same nonsense that seems to happen any time a piece of art comes along by an artist of colour.

    If you…

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  • mother!



    I am reluctant to talk about this film too much.  Darren Aronofsky created something unholy here.  It feels wrong to air this film so callously.  He made a film about creation.  In any form.  You can apply it to whatever form of creation you wish.  Creation, art, God, nature.  And the cost.

    I am honestly stunned by the unnerving honesty on display in this film.  It became pretty clear pretty early on with Javier Bardem's character that Aronofsky had decided…

  • La La Land

    La La Land


    A passionate love letter to passion and love. I don't have a lot here, La La Land is lovely and pristine and a lot more real than I ever expected.

    A love story between two people, one in love with performing and one in love with jazz, although it's not immediately clear the true parameters of this love story.

    I was pretty deeply surprised by where this went in its arc and follow through concerning the logical progressions for what…