Deadpool 2

Deadpool 2 ★★★★

Anybody who knows me knows I hated the first Deadpool with something of a passion.  Everything it promised itself as was only half delivered upon but  swept up and accepted by the audience as if it was all there.  It was a movie that begged to be noticed for edgy and different it was and made fun of everybody else’s movie while ultimately turning out to be just another one of them, just with more references to Hugh Jackman’s existence.

But barely ten minutes into this one, there’s a point where Deadpool is gleefully chopping some henchmen to pieces with a fire axe in the unbridled, unhinged, and oh so joyful chaos of a whirlwind of severed body parts and some actually clever or unexpected lines and started to realize that this time they were delivering.  This one is unabatedly psychotic and it toes the line between sending up the genre and being a proud part of the genre much better.  There are much more jokes that aren’t lazy pop culture references or even lazier dick jokes but instead are jokes I haven’t heard or seen before or are strategically layered and set up.  

Deadpool 2 is everything the marketing for Deadpool 1 promised it would be.  And then on top of that it’s just genuinely fun without that word losing its meaning in a sludge of cgi and lazy writing.  It becomes much more at ease with the fourth wall, rather than being so emptily excited by its existence, and weaves a grounded story with plausible meaning to its character through the minefield of insanity.

I’ll use the word again.  It’s psychotic.  And I mean that in the best way possible.  It takes full advantage of its premise but it also lets everyone else in on the fun.  Characters like Peter have been highly talked of but everyone gets their moment.  And Domino is ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING.

I can’t stress enough the kind of time I had here.  There are still lazy jokes and parts that don’t work.  It utilizes a lazy plot device (but admittedly then fixes it in one of its great post credit sequences) and it meanders when it should run.  But the markered difference here is that it TRIES.  It makes bold choices and fucked up choices that some people don’t like and tries jokes that some people won’t enjoy.  But I’d rather be turned off by a tasteless but clever joke than sit through half a dozen mentions of Hugh Jackman’s name.

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