Judas and the Black Messiah

Judas and the Black Messiah ★★★★★

The word visceral gets thrown around pretty liberally, as all words do I guess, but I really felt it here. Every promise made and broken, every moment of potential for change, every violent and ugly defeat, every cruel injustice inflicted, every betrayal and disappointment. It all hits so viscerally.

You see the world as it could have been. You see the chance we had at something better than what we've got. And you see how carefully it was dismantled by white America's prying, racist eyes.

Such vibe and charisma too. So powerfully does it roll along from moment to moment, always heightening the tense moments and the emotional ones.

Kaluuya, Stanfield, and Plemons so intimately understand who they're playing and what these archetypal figures represent in the tapestry of modern America. Brilliant work.

Shaka King makes this look easy but it's an elegant and intricate piece. A historical thriller at it's absolute best.

I hope this gets seen. I hope we learn from Fred as day by day his ideas become more visible in the mainstream.