Upgrade ★★★★★

This film does for b grade action revenge movies what Fury Road did for car chases.  It takes overdone concepts and executed every element with precision, wit, grace, and beauty and staples in a cleverly thought out set of rules for its world.

I hate action movies and this is one of the best I’ve seen.  This is proof that no genre and no concept has any excuse to not be an excellent and absorbing film.  There’s no reason every film that gets made can’t be made with heart and style and thought.

Logan Marshall Greene also finally found his place.  He’s always been good but never really knew where to put himself in the landscape of film.  Here we get to see him stretch everything he has.  Dramatic talents that sell the tired revenge mission and post accident depression.  Comedic talents that bring  freshness to every unexpected second.

The first fight is one of the best fight scenes I’ve ever seen in a film and it took me through feelings I wasn’t expecting to experience.  Every other fight scene is as clever in its own unique way, shot, choreographed, and edited by a lunatic and scored with gusto.  I can’t stress how exciting this thing is without threatening to spoil just why it’s such a fulfilling blast.  It just keeps upping the game throughout and never rests on what it has already achieved.  It never coasts on a clever scene or set piece.  It accomplishes something amazing then moves onto the next part and finds a fresh way to continue the ride without stalling the momentum.

Please just go see it.

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