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  • Paris, Texas

    Paris, Texas


    Lost souls reconstruct the pieces of their fragmented selves simply by taking a step forward and embracing truth. A story about isolation and about America from an outsider to it.

    Glowing imagery, tender hearts, quiet regret, gradually bubbling past selves returning to haunt. In a land of excess, sitting atop in victory, loneliness reigns.

    The only way to peace is selflessness. Forgo that which you seek for those you seek it with. And rest easy. Travel on, close your eyes, and worry not where your feet take you.

  • Toy Story 3

    Toy Story 3


    2010 - 2011 was when I started to realize the impact film had had on my life and what sort of impact I wanted it to have going forward. It was the year I realized I wanted to one day make movies. Once I made the realization, it changed the way I went to the cinema. And it changed the way I watched. I started devouring everything. And I opened the floodgates. So Toy Story 3 was one of the…

  • Midsommar



    This film is about a feeling. The feeling of waking up from a nightmare. Of realizing that you've been stuck in hell and now you have a chance to escape it. Of toxicity in all its forms. The poisonous tendrils of terrible relationships, masculinity run amok, isolated grieving, the gaslighting of those you trust. And the charity and warmth of community that presents itself once you free yourself from those shackles.

    Ari Aster comes at his themes and ideas from…

  • Toy Story 4

    Toy Story 4


    Vague Thematic Spoilers below.
    I am 26 and Toy Story 1 came out 24 years ago.  I would have seen it somewhere in the year after when it came out on VHS and my mother returned from visiting her sister’s family where they were all raving about this crazy kids movie taking the world by storm.  I’ve seen Toy Story 1 and Batman 89 more than any other films I’ve ever seen purely for logged childhood hours.  They’ve seen me…

  • Like Crazy

    Like Crazy


    How do you maintain? Once you’ve found the thing, the person, the ideal, the awareness of perfection existing within your sphere, how do you hold onto it? When you’re young and dumb and the days stretch on infinitely and you’ve already gotten to that good place so so fast. What do you do next? Fuck it up? Throw up walls and start fights? Deteriorate and destabilize from within. Is it possible to exist with another person without giving into our…

  • Rocketman



    This just feels like Elton John put on a one man show with an insane budget and some producers decided to recreate it down to the last pause and shudder as a proper kaleidoscopic experience. And it feels honest in exactly the way those one-man shows so often do. Not so much in what's being said by the performers in the asides to the audience, which is surface level truth, nor in the scenes themselves which are theatrical truth. But…

  • Rocketman



    A good biopic should be reflective of the subject.  That’s why Steve Jobs is a compartmentalized and controlled machine and Love and Mercy is an emotional bleed between fraying parts of a breaking mind.  And it’s why, beyond the actual production issues, BoRhap was so unforgivable.

    And it’s why I so appreciate this rock opera musical fantasy trip that rolls and judders through chaos and pageantry in equal measure.  Clever and original in execution but heartfelt and emotionally honest under…

  • Long Shot

    Long Shot


    I really just appreciate the Seth Rogen stamp that he puts on films he has a hand in shepherding.  That specific brand of good people trying to do good things with fairly low stakes or very silly high stakes.  Plotted films that get a lot of narrative work in while feeling like lackadaisical hang out movies.  He loves to laugh at himself and let us laugh along with him and he has no problem letting the people he shares the…

  • Fish Tank

    Fish Tank


    The second half of a scarring double feature at the New Beverly.  I saw this once a few years ago, clearly didn’t get it or get anything from it, and then more or less blocked it out.    But this time watching it, as the dread and discomfort mounted over the incredibly painful two hour runtime, it started to click into place.  Partially from having watched Me and You and Everyone We Know right before but partially just from being a…

  • Me and You and Everyone We Know

    Me and You and Everyone We Know


    Permanence and impermanence. Youth, adulthood, the sticky intermingling.  

    My first visit to the New Beverly was a double feature of this and Fish Tank. Which is a rough pairing. Because this film is so quirky and delightful and singularly exciting. And Fish Tank is so raw and upsetting and rough to watch. But putting the films side by side made a certain kind of sense.

    Fish Tank is about children playing at adulthood. And this film is presented almost as…

  • Fast Color

    Fast Color


    What a quiet little gift of a film.  The perfect complement to the towering monstrosity of Avengers Endgame.  A soft film about finding your voice and autonomy and planting your feet in the ground, stiffening your spine, knowing yourself, and refusing to move.

    I lucked out and got to see this with a Q&A featuring Julia Hart and Gugu Mbatha-Raw at a packed showing.  It was the first time I’ve been to a movie where they paused the projector to…

  • Avengers: Endgame

    Avengers: Endgame


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    My favourite movies in the MCU are Iron Man 3 and Black Panther. Iron Man 3 treats Tony Stark like a person and deals with the personal ramifications of saving the world and surviving. Black Panther is about the world today and has a genuinely thoughtful conversation about colonialism and isolationism. They are films that can be fun and action packed and silly at times but they also exist in the real world and treat their characters as such. So…