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This review may contain spoilers.

(4th watch)
Still stunning.
Here's what would have made this better tho, a woman director because I don't think if a woman directed this, that one of the story lines would have been some man bumbling about trying to help some girl, not succeeding, getting punished and then getting forgiven and absolved of all of everything he had done. That the ultimate act (the last act) of the movie was shown to be the main mother giving some man (who called patricia's stories delusions by the way, and literally didnt believe her) mercy because he didn't know any better. Fuck THAT. (oh and dont worry, your tortured dying wife's last thoughts were of you).
Fuck that.
I will only let that slide because the rest of the movie was so amazing. But I won't let it go uncommented on, so here I am. Noting it.
p.s. him being played by Tilda Swinton doesnt diminish my point in the slightest. it just means she's an amazing actress.

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