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This review may contain spoilers.

Saw at Willow Creek theater.
I cant say i didnt enjoy that because i very much DID enjoy it. I liked the cinematography and the sound design was obviously impeccable (as I'd expect no less from someone like Yorgos Lanthimos).

Id say what i liked the most is kind of obvious. Im a lesbian and holy shit does this guy Yorgos know how to create sexual moments. Fuck. When Rachel (Sarah) grabbed the queens neck and crotch, that energy isSELF almost gave me an orgam right on the spot. (fine, i also have a thing for dominant and aggressive women so that could be part of it.)

Ok I'm about to get really picky here just because so much of this movie was so good. I don't think Yorgos used Emma Stone nearly enough to anywhere near her potential. He used her a little, but really didnt follow thru with much of her character. Emma Stone is amazing and he coulda done so much more with her. I certainly would have.
Rachel Weisz though,... my god, she was amazing. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. (fingers crossed that Yorgos works with Emma Stone again and this movie was just to get her feet wet for her next role in his next movie.)

The theater I was in was packed and i had a person on both sides of me and at the part where the queen said something to the effect of: "I like her. I like the way she puts her tongue in me" me and both people on either side of me, all at the exact same time, put our hand over our mouths and belted out a sort of gasp/laugh thing. That was a great moment.

Alright so...about the ending. Honestly I thought the ending was strange. I suppose this IS Yorgos so I probably shouldn't have expected anything different than a sort of non-ending/weird animal tie in sittuation. I mean this IS his first english language film that doesn't have an animal in its title, so...
As far as the interpretation of the rabbits themselves, some bonehead at the theater, after the credits said super loud to the ladies he was with: "Could someone explain the rabbit thing to me?!", and i had to literally stick my fingers in my ears after that because the last thing i want is some random ladies giving me their interpretations of the movie i just saw rather than me just having and making my own conclusions. I'm not saying I've MADE any yet, but i'm sure i will...I sure hope to.

I do think that in the movie there was at least a bit of a subtext with Yorgos criticizing others for criticizing him. As clearly the queen would rather have the sweet kind "lying" lady over the brash mean uncomfortable "truth teller" but in the end thats not love because its not honest. I actually found that to be a short sighted commentary on love and human relations, as to me its not black and white like that and Yorgos seems to be implying that it is. Honesty is more complicated than whether or not you shame someone else or throw something in their face.

Anyway, I both enjoyed the film and also see things very differently from the way Yorgos does. But at least this didn't have as much in your face death as the two other films of his i saw. All in all though, I enjoyed this movie and found there to be some of the best moments of the whole year within it.

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