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  • The Silence of the Lambs

    The Silence of the Lambs


    Every single male character in Silence Of The Lambs is just as creepy as Buffalo Bill, Lecter or Migs and views Clarice as an object first and foremost. It feels like she's navigating a minefield in each scene of the movie.

  • Sign 'o' The Times

    Sign 'o' The Times

    In Minnesota we don't have sex ed classes in school. They just play Sign o' the Times once a year.

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  • Sugar Hill

    Sugar Hill


    Sugar Hill (who is our heroine not a cocaine factory like I had assumed) conjures up some good old fashioned Haitian style zombies when her boyfriend gets knocked off by some bad guy honkey. It's an entertaining blaxploitation revenge flick and the lead actress Marki Bey was a joy to watch, wish she had been in more things.

  • Bride of Re-Animator

    Bride of Re-Animator


    Watching Bride Of Re-Animator and eating chili at 4 in the morning. Think about your life choices children. Don't end up like me.

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  • The Vault

    The Vault


    How did they not name this movie Polterheist?

  • The Incredibles

    The Incredibles


    My favorite children's movie that features torture, a suicide attempt, a corpse and general mass destruction.