Vampire in Brooklyn ★½

Spooky Season 2018 #66

Instead of any resemblance of a review just some random thoughts since this just felt like random scenes cobbled together...

First I want to apologize to Dracula: Dead and Loving It. The Leslie Nielson gags got old fast but at least the Brooks spoof knows what it is. Eddie Murphy is legitimately being portrayed as scary in multiple scenes here but I can't imagine anyone older than a grade schooler finding him in anyway menacing. What they have in common is that somehow their Renfield's are the most interesting characters of their films.

Angela Bassett is the real vampire. She looks just as beautiful now as she did when this came out 23* years ago. She's maybe the second best thing in Vampire in Brooklyn, a good performance but a hard character to relate to. That might actually lower her batting average she's usually the best thing of whatever project she's in.

This is the third Wes Craven film I've watched this month and I liked Deadly Friend the most, take that for what it's worth. It's not good but the fact that Craven directed a Charlie Murphy script is almost entertaining enough just as a concept. Chuck Murphy always claimed that it was initially supposed to be a straight up horror film and Eddie wanted to play the character completely straight but Craven wanted the comedy element. Not a great sign when the comedy guys wants horror and the horror guy wants comedy. Eddie's next film is The Nutty Professor and Wes' next film is Scream so at least they didn't have to dwell on this bomb for too long.

*Oh fuck the number 23!