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  • The Work

    The Work


    Favors intense emotional reactions over the subtleties that lead to said reactions; this makes for an incredibly cathartic experience. However, this leads to the implication that changing things is as simple as letting it all out; and however hard letting it all out may be it's not that simple. Really believe this was an issue in the cutting room, there's 30 more minutes of this that would have made me love it. As it stands I'm glad this exists but we're still waiting on the paramount work in regards to a timely study about the complexities of masculinity.

  • Man on Wire

    Man on Wire


    Relies solely on Petit's ability as a storyteller - which is okay because he's a fantastic storyteller. Only problem is that everything else feels supplementary. Either way, when Petit's juvenile poetics do surface it's enchanting and it's probably worth a watch for that alone.

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  • Rear Window

    Rear Window


    Alfred Hitchcock and James Stewart create more suspense in an apartment than most people do in their entire filmographies

  • The Fly

    The Fly


    Chilling, heart wrenching, and for the last 30 minutes downright horrifying. The Fly is a thriller/horror/sci-fi masterpiece.

    Everything works. The performances fit perfectly with the script, the special effects are vomit inducing, and it never feels weighed down due to it's short 90 minute runtime.

    I made the mistake of grabbing a snack around the 50 minute mark. Not a smart idea. Don't do it.