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  • Nightcrawler



    Hell of a performance by Gyllenhall. Less a criticism on the media than on capitalism on the level of the Nathanael West novel "A Cool Million".

  • Safari 3000

    Safari 3000


    Light, forgettable movie, with a fun moment or two and a racist moment or eight.

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  • Power



    An interesting failure, with Richard Gere twiddling his drumsticks out of rhythm to a swingin' beat, and an all-star cast being overshadowed by voiceover artist Jackson Beck wearing vacation gear. Denzel's really good in a proto-Denzel heel role, and Hackman's dancing around like he's in a better movie. It's a poor man's Network, from the director of Network.

  • The Odd Couple

    The Odd Couple


    Decent but rather dated, especially with the Coo-Coo Pigeon Sisters subplot. I kinda liked Lemmon and Matthau more apart than together, but that is not an insult, and they're pretty good here.