Brats ★★★★½

Laurel and Hardy Ranked

This is..... amazing. Utterly bizarre. Nightmare fuel, even. Reminds me of the weird disturbing sort of things I’d see in my dreams just before waking up with sleep paralysis at 2 am because I drank caffeine before bed. Features Laurel and Hardy as their own children. Running around on massive sets in little sailor outfits. What the fuck.

The pacing is really weird and off-putting, and literally none of the intended jokes are funny, but that kind of adds to the uncanniness of the whole thing. Like it knows I hate it and it thrives on making me queasy. And then there’s suddenly just a stop motion mouse scurrying around, and child-Laurel pulls out a fucking rifle. Am I dying? Oh no.

I can’t breathe. I can’t move. I feel nautious. All I can see is... Laurel and Hardy coming towards me. Trying to catch me. Trying to pour liniment down my trousers. No, I can’t let them, NO!!!!!!!!

Gah... oh it was just a dream.... That’s right, just a bad dream.... A really weird one. That’s it, no more caffeine before bed.