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  • Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning

    Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning


    That was rough. They essentially recycled plot details from the first film, they stripped it of anything that could be misconstrued as compelling or creative, and then they set it in the 19th century to tell the story of the original characters ancestors, which was clearly the result of a drug-fueled writers room where the LSD, shrooms, and maybe DMT, knew no bounds. I assume the writers were in a panic as they wondered how to continue the story, but…

  • FP2: Beats of Rage

    FP2: Beats of Rage


    The first one wasn't great, but it was at least a fun idea. I never expected a sequel, but I just had to give it a shot when I found out it existed. In my opinion, this is actually a little better than the first film. It's a funny movie with a unique idea at its core. I can't believe that they got two movies out of the premise of a post-apocalyptic world where disputes are settled by Dance Dance…

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  • G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

    G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra


    I grew up watching the G.I. Joe cartoon and playing with the dozens of action figures I had. I loved it. When this movie was announced, I was hopeful, but alas, it sucked. Even with it being terrible, I find myself revisiting it every now and then in hopes that on one of these viewings it won't suck. I'm merely here to file my most recent report: it still sucks. That is all.

  • Boss Level

    Boss Level


    This movie was pure fun to watch. It takes the time loop formula and it invigorates it with a story that is action-packed and just a blast to sit through. It has an awesome cast, it's got some laughs, and I found myself continually loving each new element as it came into play. Plus, this avoids the trope of a time loop that is too repetitive to be entertaining. An action movie with a unique style that is bound to satiate anyone looking for a good time.

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  • Bill & Ted Face the Music

    Bill & Ted Face the Music


    A most excellent film. Something that was crafted with love and care for the characters, with great thought put toward where their story should go, and ultimately, what their legacy will be. Their daughters were wonderful characters to add and it was great to see their journey through the film. I also thought the movie was hilarious and, at times, brilliant. There were great callbacks and nice nods to the earlier films all while it crafted its own fantastic story…

  • Possessor



    So that was crazy, weird, fucked up and kind of uniquely awesome. The concept is great and that drew me in, but I really did love a lot of the visuals in the film. There is also some insane violence in this too. It doesn't hold back. The movie does dabble with ideas we've kind of seen before, but never quite like this. The movie often felt repulsive while being engaging and that's kind of a odd way to feel…