Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider-Man: Homecoming ★★★★★

I'm tacking on that last half star because this movie is just so much fun. Everything from Keaton's screen-commanding Vulture all the way down to Chris Evans' hilarious cameos. It's just so much fun and it all works so well.

Also I don't think I initially recognized how true to the original comics this movie's spirit is. Despite not referencing Uncle Ben in any real way (which still kinda bums me out) the film follows a lot of the structuring of the original Lee/Ditko run and definitely has the heart and soul of those comics as well. So what if he's got a big fancy Tony Stark computer suit. He's still just using it to make sure he gets back to his crush's house party/high school's decathlon (and in even truer Spider-Man fashion he makes it to neither).

I hope we get to see more of these. I'd love a couple of real "villain of the week" movies with this tone and these characters.

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