Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider-Man: Homecoming ★★★★½

What a wholesome, charming and fun summer coming of age movie! This is definitely one I'll come back to when I'm feeling blue. This adaptation was unique and refreshing as it wasn't the same ol' origin story and fully grown men playing teenagers (not to disrespect Andrew and Tobey as actors but it's nice when people actually look like high schoolers). This is easily one of the most grounded Marvel films, making the smart decision to lightly reference to the wider universe rather than make it a direct tie-in and those references, as in Peter's vlog, were hilarious. This is a genuinely funny film, having all the good elements of a 'high school film'. Tom Holland has done an excellent job. Overall, I would highly recommend this film! Go with your family, friends, this is easily one of the summer's most fun flicks!

This is essentially a five star film but half a star is getting docked for that second post credit scene, I feel so TROLLED that was so smug 😂

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