Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★½

Ok, first of all. This is not the movie I intended to pick, for my glorious return to Letterboxd. Hell, I'm not even sure I'm ready to return. I mean, I've watched the odd movie, here or there, that I didn't even bother logging, because I wanted to wait until I was really ready to come back full time. Oh well. Fuck it. Let's do this.

I really shouldn't have to summarize the plot for you. If you've ever seen Aliens, you should be familiar with a lot of the story beats here, and will likely see some moments coming a mile away. I mean, it still does its own thing and sprinkles in some ideas from other films as well, but there are enough recycled moments from Aliens that James Cameron should get a writing credit. Not that I'm complaining or anything. Those recycled moments are still great here.

Anyway, I'm not sure I even remember the last time I struggled so much to assign a score to a film. My estimated score, while watching, kept rising and falling. There were absolutely some 5-star moments in there, mostly concentrated in the latter third of the film. The problem is, that they're mostly concentrated in the latter third of the film. Perhaps you noticed that this thing clocks in at 148 minutes. And, for the first half or so, I was really not sure how I felt. I mean, there are some really dumb moments in the setup. And there's a lot of bloody setup. I checked the time at an hour and a half in, and it felt like it was really just starting.

With all of that said, however, when things do finally get going, they really get going. There are some great moments. Moments that had me strongly considering a higher rating. One moment, in particular, involving a zombie tiger, had me wanting to just throw stars at this thing. And it finishes strong. Here's the issue for me though. While I enjoyed this first viewing quite a bit, especially when the story finally got off the ground, I thought about what a rewatch would be like. And to be honest, I kind of cringed a little, at the thought of sitting through the entire thing again. I mean, maybe if I just fast forward to the good parts, like I'm watching porn, but to sit through the entirety of this again, I just don't know. I didn't really feel the length this time, but I'm sure I will on subsequent viewings, and that's why the lower score.

I still recommend watching this though, and I'm hoping that Snyder goes all out on the planned sequel. I'll be looking forward to that. I just hope it's less bloated.

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