The Lair of the White Worm

The Lair of the White Worm ★★★★

This is only my second Ken Russell film, and the first, Altered States, I saw so long ago that it barely counts anymore. After this, however, I'm interested in checking out more, cuz this shit made my head explode. I'm curious though. Can someone tell me if Russell was just walking around with an IV drip feeding weapons-grade LSD into his bloodstream all the time? Cuz there's like this weird, sexy horror comedy in here, about a snake lady, that almost feels something like American Werewolf in London at times, tonally, but then there are random flashes of surreal, acid-trip imagery with nun rape, and impaled nuns, and giant white snake gods, and crucifixes, and then there are weird Freudian dream sequences, and women being fed to a giant snake that looks like a cock and Peter Capaldi playing bagpipes and Hugh Grant slicing women in half with a sword and... what the hell did I just watch? Also, can someone tell me if the rest of Ken Russell's stuff is like this, so I can immediately go watch it all?

Watched with Jozlyn

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