The Sect ★★★★

Jozlyn Recommends 666: Grab Your Crucifix

This is my third Soavi film and, while I didn't love it quite as much as Cemetery Man or The Church, I think that has more to do with how good those films are, rather than any particular shortcoming of this film. I mean, I wouldn't mind if the ending went a bit gnarlier, but this was pretty great.

I find it kind of funny that I watched this after Silent Night, Deadly Night 4, seeing as how there are more than a few plot similarities, right down to the scenes with bugs being shoved into women. However, while Yuzna is a competent director, Soavi trounces him when it comes to style and visual flair. There's some tasty eye candy up in here, and I just love these surreally phantasmagorical jams that Soavi be serving up. Satanic cults up to the same old tricks. Trying to use some poor, unsuspecting woman as an incubator for their "revenge against God." Oh, and I really loved the basement in this woman's house. I pray to Cthulhu every day, hoping that I'll get to buy a funky, old house one of these days and that it'll have a Hell Pit™ in the basement.

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