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  • Gallipoli



    Letterboxd Season Challenge Week 2: Australian New Wave Film
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    This category was particularly daunting, especially at such an early stage in the challenge. I haven't seen any Australian films before and failed to recognise most people's picks (outside of Mad Max). In my search for a suitable choice, Gallipoli's subject matter stood out as appealing: The Battle of Gallipoli in WW1. I'm not the biggest fan of historical re-enactments -- probably because of the strain it…

  • Mandy



    Mandy has been on my watchlist all year; how could a film featuring Johann Johannsson's final score AND a coked-out Nicolas Cage AND an interdimensional colour-pallet of gore not tickle your cineaphile pickle? In response to Letterboxd's own hype for the film, I checked out Beyond The Black Rainbow, Panos Cosmatos' first (and until now only) cinematic meditation. Mandy has similar problems to his debut but is unquestionably a better movie. It's amazing what just a little bit of emotion…

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  • mother!



    Aronofsky's trademark surrealism is back once again in his new horror film Mother!. I'm a major fan of this surrealist style of filmmaking mainly due to the work of David Lynch. While I don't hold Aronofsky to that same level he is still a filmmaker to watch closely as his films are distinct to say the least.

    Mother! was one of the more controversial releases of 2017 and it's easy to see why. It's a Russian-doll of metaphors wrapped in…

  • Mean Streets

    Mean Streets


    Mean Streets is often overlooked in Scorsese's filmography. It doesn't have the legions of fans behind Taxi Driver and Raging Bull or even the cult success of (the massively underrated) The King of Comedy. I love these films (especially The King of Comedy) but it was Mean Streets that kick started my love for Scorsese.

    This picture has a looser narrative than Scorsese's other work, incorporating an ensemble cast of characters dealing with their trials on the streets. Our main…