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Todd Perry


Award winning VFX Supervisor -- and, oh, I like to watch movies, too.

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  • Sanjay's Super Team

    Sanjay's Super Team


    Wonderfully simple story and so heartfelt. A story about a generational and cultural divide, bridged to make a new, reconciled whole.

    Pixar is always top notch in every category. Animation, art direction, lighting, and effects. But most of all, story. And this short is no different.

    I was able to catch this at SIGGRAPH here in 2015 during a Renderman presentation. As a story on top of the story, it was said that Sanjay's directorial debut came after 20 years…

  • Chow Hound

    Chow Hound


    One of my Chuck Jones favorites, which prompted my cousins and I to frequently exclaim "What?! No gwavy!?" at every meal -- much to the not delight of our parents.

    On the surface, a tale of bullying and the inevitable turn at the end, as a big dog coerces a cat and a mouse to help him get food out the owners who think they are the owners of the cat. Much no matter how much food they are able…