Sanjay's Super Team ★★★★½

Wonderfully simple story and so heartfelt. A story about a generational and cultural divide, bridged to make a new, reconciled whole.

Pixar is always top notch in every category. Animation, art direction, lighting, and effects. But most of all, story. And this short is no different.

I was able to catch this at SIGGRAPH here in 2015 during a Renderman presentation. As a story on top of the story, it was said that Sanjay's directorial debut came after 20 years at Pixar. During that time, Sanjay's father had never seen any of the film's Sanjay had contributed fact, this father had never seen a film. Once this was complete and ready for its first screening, Sanjay brought is father overseas to see.

Needless to say...there were many tears.