Romeo & Juliet ★★★½

There are times which only sorrow and deaths can stop the massive war. Pain provides us a warning to change and get order whilst we're in the middle of chaotic turmoil. Therefore, they must have died to cease the conflict between families.

I can feel the feelings Shakespeare might had while he was writing this play adapted into this movie. He seemed to have an earger against youth and society. Young people don't know how to persevere, how to wait to better times. They live as tomorrow doesn't exist, letting their natural flow guides them to the abyss. It's a duality, since our natural doom is death, and being natural should be our true path... However, rushing by our instincts kills naturally our souls and the natural flow of life.

On the other hand, there's the society, which every time points out what we must do. The social order should serve as an easy way to organise our lives. Instead, what it's actually doing since ancient times is slaughtering itself, giving space only to material pleasure and lack of virtues. Feelings are forbidden, everyone must follow the tradition. It causes wars, destruction and unhappiness. Unfortunately everyone seems to need to pass through the journey of fool in order to obtain peace and illumination for a short period of time and then doing it all over again... It is our common fortune. Nonetheless, why can't fortune be inconsequential and bring us our happy? Why can't we build our own happiness?

Putting the philosophy aside, the movie itself has a huge problem: it feels like a wacky play. It doesn't feel like a movie. Also, the soundtrack sounds over melodramatic very often. I think that the direction and script could be better done, since it feels kinda flat... However, I could get all of that above from the movie, so I don't think I can be harder than I'm right now.