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  • Terminator Genisys

    Terminator Genisys


    This movie is a clear sign that we are all going to pay dearly for Fox's multi-timeline X-men universe. Gone are the days when studios are expected to developed characters in a linear narrative across a franchise of sequels. Gone too are they days of reboots are scheduled at closer and closer durations. Now we're doomed to future of endless retconing, tying together ever more convoluted disparate takes on the same vision for so long we start to blur the homage and the homaged. Fan fiction has taken over cinema.

  • Birth of a Flower

    Birth of a Flower


    A lot of early cinema requires the intentional mindshift of the historian. The adoption of the "What if?" attitude to put your self in the time when the work was created. And with that mindset, the miracle of cinema has allowed you to sync with the majesty of nature as it unfurls before your eyes. It'd take a cold hearted, a-cinematic cretin to not be utterly enchanted by this.

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  • How a Mosquito Operates

    How a Mosquito Operates


    A animation vastly ahead of its time only marred by the too frequent reuse of cells. I'm shocked that a century old animated short should creep me out this much.

  • Wonder



    Being an adult is the pits. I spent today in a policy meeting, mediating a beef between two of my sales staff, and researching how to increase my credit score. But then I stumble across something as playful and delightful as this and suddenly I want to bust out a pack of markers and shamelessly doodle for the first time in decades!