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  • James White

    James White


    The inevitable death of your parents is the looming, unescapable tragedy of life. Living thousands of miles from my own parents, it's something I dwell on. One day I'm going to get a call telling me my mother or father is dying and the quickest I'll be able to get to their side is 18-24 hours. I'll probably be at cruising altitude over the Atlantic while my parent dies. I live with this thought and frequently ask myself, 'Is there…

  • Stick Man

    Stick Man


    Magic Light Pictures have been adapting the children's books of writer Julia Donaldson and illustrator Axel Scheffler for a while now. Their source material are generally a staple in my kids bedtime ritual, and so I make sure they get see them when they make their way to Netflix US, but they rarely if ever get a rewatch. The charm of Donaldson's rhyming narrative is lost in adaptation. The kids would rather I read the book to then again. More…

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  • Kraftwerk and the Electronic Revolution

    Kraftwerk and the Electronic Revolution


    An exceptional documentary on one of the most pivotal bands in modern music, Kraftwerk. I'm watching a lot of documentaries on different electronic bands and musical genres right now. Most are amateurish and full of hype, failing to function as little more than content-less ego trips or audio-visual stuffing for press kits.

    Kraftwerk and The Electronic Revolution thankfully sidesteps many of these pitfalls by contextualizing the importance of it's subject. A great deal of time is spent overviewing the Krautrock…

  • How a Mosquito Operates

    How a Mosquito Operates


    A animation vastly ahead of its time only marred by the too frequent reuse of cells. I'm shocked that a century old animated short should creep me out this much.