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  • The Fisher King

    The Fisher King



    A little too one-note with its eccentricity for my taste; there’s no denying the comedic genius of Robin Williams, but that doesn’t always translate well through a 2+ hour movie and a psilocybin screenplay. Things are too eschewed with fluttering direction and a purpose that either seems too blatant or nonexistent. I don’t really get along with the entire essence of Parry’s (Robin Williams) quest—the holy grail, the red knight, etc.—as it’s far too on-the-nose, butting its head into…

  • Click




    First time I saw this, I remember it violently transforming from scatological comedy to existential contemplation piece; Sandler inadvertently skips past most of his life, divorces his wife, and grows distant from his dad. And while I admit that there actually is a great lesson being told in Click, the surrounding film is still pretty bad, mostly unfunny, and excessively blunt with its message. I guess I just don’t find Adam Sandler nor Sean Astin all that hilarious. Best…

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  • The Grand Budapest Hotel

    The Grand Budapest Hotel



    Wes Anderson’s most stylistically rich film, and that’s quite a statement given the contents in his oeuvre. In all of its colorful and picturesque glory, the Grand Budapest Hotel actually feels like a place that existed at some long-gone juncture of the past thanks to Anderson’s unforgiving commitment to meticulously adorning each and every frame of his film with the fantastic and rich vibrancy of Zubrowka. It’s all fake—the hotel, the story, the characters, the country, the entire world…

  • The Nightmare Before Christmas

    The Nightmare Before Christmas



    A feast for the eyes and an adrenaline shot for the imagination, Tim Burton and Henry Selick have created a beautifully dysfunctional world that feels so incredibly alive on the screen. I know the process of stop-motion animation is particularly painstaking, but the result couldn’t be more worth it—the wonderfully demented residents of Halloweentown just wouldn’t be the same without that indescribably surreal bit-by-bit charisma. I do think the extraordinary landscapes and creature-things of The Nightmare Before Christmas tend…