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  • The Angry Birds Movie

    The Angry Birds Movie



    Don't think I'll ever truly forgive my wife for making me watch this with her. Strangely enough, I don't even think SHE liked it (and as a point of reference: she LOVES The Secret Life of Pets, so what does that say about THIS?) and yet somehow I felt compelled to finish it. It's not offensively bad, I guess, but it's almost a slap in the face for the simple fact that there's no goddamn reason this movie needs…

  • Dogtooth




    If there's one thing Yorgos Lanthimos excels at, it's making me feel impossibly uncomfortable, and while I had an overall execrable reaction to The Lobster (which I owe a second viewing, to be fair) due to its seemingly ostentatious incongruity, Dogtooth—in my entirely amateur opinion, anyway—uses Lanthimos's unconventional sensibilities to much greater effect. Where The Lobster felt like a faulty blend of drab, black humor and bizarro-land integrity—the type of movie that has you wryly and hesitantly chuckling, unsure…

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  • mother!



    84/100 (no change)

    This is the final post and then I’m done babbling about this movie (for a while, anyway).

    Heavy spoilers ahead.

    Second look confirmed that mother! was every bit as good as my initial reaction signified, and it will surely wind up at the top of my “best of 2017” films. Saw it with my wife, who sometimes likes “different” stuff and as the movie ended, she turned to me and said, ”that might be one of the…

  • mother!




    Mucho spoilers ahead.

    After letting it stew overnight, my mind hasn't changed and I, for whatever reason, feel the need to talk about this film right now. (Still plan on seeing it again within the next few days to validate some of my extended thoughts but I can't wait to start talking about this.) And that's the kind of film mother! really is: a visceral assassination that chews you up and spits you out in a fugue state, unsure…