• Chance


    My 1000th review, and picking what I’d watch for such an occasion was a no-brainer. Unfortunately, everything that there is to say about Chinatown has already been said - finely crafted, expertly written and wonderfully acted. But I can’t stress enough just how brilliant Faye Dunaway is in this, so brilliant in fact that it takes two watches to fully grasp her performance. The first watch only shows a jittery, suspicious woman. The second watch, and every subsequent one after…

  • Kevin Jones


    Ranked: Roman Polanksi

    “You know the expression, let sleeping dogs lie? You're better off not knowing.” - J.J. “Jake” Gittes

    Is there any better encapsulation of Chinatown than this line? It is a rather innocuous line, one said to who Jake believes to be the wife of Hollis Mulwray (Darrell Zwerling), yet it means so much more in the greater context. This is a conspiracy film at its heart, one where Jake is pitted up against incredible forces who hope…

  • Justin Doolittle


    The surface pleasures are obviously there — from the score, to the snappy dialogue, to Nicholson’s performance, which is as fun to watch as any I can think of — but I love how quiet, deliberative, and detailed this is. It’s a rare studio film that gets to spend this kind of time on granular, unexciting detail — Zodiac and Zero Dark Thirty come to mind. If you step away from films like these for five minutes, you’re liable to miss…

  • TajLV


    Part of My Autumn Rewatches Challenge
    Task 22: Have another look at any film you previously rated at a full five stars (★★★★★).

    I believe this is my fourth watch of this masterpiece from director Roman Polanski, but it has been at least 20 years since my last viewing. The film was nominated for eleven Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director, and it won the category of Best Writing, Original Screenplay for writer Robert Towne. The…

  • Jason


    After putting this off for ages, I have to say that I wish I hadn't. Why did I put it off? Well it was mostly the reputation of Polanski, which I'm still not sure how I feel about. 

    But I guess you have to separate the artist from the real life person. Art shows are often held for art made by incarcerated prisoners, and people are able to appreciate the art of murderers etc. So that's where I come down…

  • Alex


    I really disliked Chinatown when I watched the film many years ago but could not remember why. Considering the almost unanimous praise heaped on it, I figured I had to give it another go. After doing so, I still have no idea what I didn't like. It's certainly not the breeziest of films to watch, but it is wholly successful in its intrigue and all-round production value.




    70's Jack Nicholson is the literal definition of suave and cool. Every line he delivers, slides out with slickness. I think having the stuff on his nose for part of the film, adds to it. In a weird way, I just like it. Reminding you of the threat that lurks in this story, right on his face. He gave a great performance in this, one of his best probably, along with Faye Dunaway.

    Now this is one of the…

  • DisposableMiffy


    They don't make 'em like that anymore.

    There is nothing else left to say about Chinatown. Everything that could be said, has been written down countless times before.