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From my VIVRE SA VIE capsule:

"The final reel’s parched, philosophical monologues chafe me, bringing back reminders of the thing I so often detest about Bergman's theoretical meditations (or even, for someone more contemporary, Linklater)."

So I guess the answer is: I always suffer at least a little bit of…

Tony (tectactoe) reviewed and rated Stalker ★★★½ on Saturday Apr 20, 2019

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Tony (tectactoe) commented on his own review of Stalker

@Diego a more concise set of monologues -- or removing them completely -- would've easily put this as my favorite of 1979 (still Apocalypse Now). Tarkovsky had his own vision of what cinema should be, and he was every bit as much of a philosopher as he was an artist…

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