A Burning Hot Summer

A Burning Hot Summer ★★★★★

I remember thinking the b&w photography in Garrel's "Jealousy" to have contributed to minimizing and distractions to the emotional pulse of the performances. Since this is my second Garrel, the first thing I noticed where the primary colors here, which is hard not to read in external relationship to the characters emotional temperature. "Feelings" justified by articulated reasoning figure in this tragic, poetically and lyrically observed story of two couples defined by ahistorical and historic or determinants of gender antagonism but also the shared psychology each unit shares in its self-awareness mirrored against other pairings.

A significant, near transcendent highlight for me is the slow dance viewed from a far by a jealous boyfriend in which the dance partners are encircled by a choreographed musical number dance just outside the purview of the frame.

It also struck me that two of the characters involvement in film acting is not portrayed as a realistic "film industry" subplot but rather a framework in more universal terms in which reality and emotions are reproduced.

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