Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ★★★★

Falling autumnal leaves revealed to be reflections from a shiny black casket in a procession is the starting place for this big tent funereal gloom. Someone forgot to put "no kids allowed" before the entrance but I did hear one guy tell another "there are several 9/11s in this thing".

The origin story (already dramatized what seems like a million times) is justified another iteration in attention to the kind of details that don't allow themselves to be forgotten before the memory is mutated by fantasy/dream in its recollection. A succession of bold choices at the outset.

Superman rescues are staged with a timing and tenor that incorporates a sarcastic halo-ing effect, heroic iconography contained with its criticism.

So many of the really aggressively negative reviews should have been subtitled "Refused to Engage on Principle". And that's valid as a response but I'm always surprised to find people operating from the misconception that we elect movies for political office.

The only stuff that's kind of "not good" is when anything related to future franchise table setting is happening, although that brief tribal music cue introducing Wonder Woman is effective in its one and one time only use.

Lex Luthor's wardrobe is kind of hilarious and politically loaded joke in itself; the performatively "laid back" twee CEO in sneakers as a transparent facade.

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