Nina Forever ★★★★

LAYERS, man.

It's about dealing with your partner's baggage, obviously - as such, Dead Nina is a nicely portable metaphor, but if you want to take the fact that she arises during the sex act as a guideline for which baggage she's meant to represent, it'll track just fine.

Beneath that, it's about neediness, and needy people, and the way some kinds of people adapt and contort themselves to the emotional needs of others.

It's about the way some partners see the parts of us we want to believe in, and enable and empower that; and others don't.

It's about ink and metal - tattoos and printing presses and automotive injuries, and what marks our bodies carry and why.

It's funny and clever and entertaining to watch while it's doing all this, by the way. It doesn't hurt that Fiona O'Shaughnessy freaks me out at the best of times, even when she's not a mewling corpse with glass sticking out of her face; and Abigail Hardingham is flat-out superb throughout.

On the most fundamental level it's about one question: what does it cost to take on someone else's shit?

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