Tenet ★★★★

"don't try to understand it. feel it"

NAH fam I gotta understand it!
Dude all I've been hearing is how this film is too complex for its own good, and how the character work sucks, and how bad the sound mixing is (although you are correct on that one). If I'm being honest it almost feels cool to dislike this. And I was in the same boat on the first watch but DUDE! I'm telling you now that a rewatch really changes your perspective and give a wider scope of what is possible in this film. I'm nowhere near 100% on what to think in this but there is so much more to behold then you realize.
Many people really have complaints about the human emotion presented in this film. But a rewatch for me really solidified that the emotion Christiopher Nolan is known for in so many instances is here and stronger than ever (even to the degree of Inception at times). Once you come to grasp the full view of this piece of work it really is all the more clear about why certain things were done that you had problems with.
This is probably one of my most jarring and disjointed reviews so I'm really sorry about that. But all in all, I'm just incredibly happy that this didn't disappoint like I initially had the feeling of.

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