Annihilation ★★★½

Bits of Arrival, Stalker, J.G. Ballard novels, Possession, and yes, a bit of Monsters and Predator. Natalie Portman leads a group of doomed women into a "forbidden zone" where alien life is replicating and copying life at a mutated pace. At the same time, as some have pointed out, a metaphor about depression, where all the characters are manifestations of dealing with trauma. Understandably not a favorite with the crowds because the execution and the metaphor begin to peel away from one another. However, very enjoyable in a headtrip way on the big screen with amazing sound design and soundtrack. Deep Dream meets Rousseau.

Also: nobody seems to care this is a "doomed army mission" sub-genre piece with a fully female cast.

Also: Actually a bit too straightforward and on-the-nose, which puts it at odds with its preceding film, Ex Machina.

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