Cam ★★★

Madeline Brewer plays a camgirl whose account is taken over by her doppelganger. Written by a former camgirl, the portrayal of the daily grind of cam sexworkers is very well done, even when it takes a backseat to the supernatural elements. It's also respectful of sex work, which, this being a horror film, one doesn't expect. (Reading up on the production, they pretty much created a functioning website that Brewer played off of).

As some other reviewers have said, it doesn't go far enough and leaves a lot of questions unanswered. Once Alice realizes what is happening, the film is in its final act. I wanted to like it even more than I did.

However, while so many digitally shot films are washed out and bland, Cam is a visual treat of secondary colors and cold blues.

(Also of note: so many of the actors are from other Netflix properties, and this film was funded by Netflix, when will Netflix admit it has contract actors like studios of yore?)