Design for Living

Design for Living ★★★★

A charming and fluffy romantic comedy about [checks notes] polyamory?? from [checks notes again] 1933??? Yes, indeed. Gary Cooper and Frederic March are best buds George and Tom who meet freewheeling Gilda (Miriam Hopkins) on a train going to Paris. Zey are, how you zay (inhaling Gitanes) the Bohehhhhhmian life, no? Will fame and success (and asexual friendzoney Max Plunkett (Edward Everett Horton)) get in the way of a positive love triangle? Refreshingly horny *and* chaste at the same time, it's also lol funny, from a Noel Coward play almost completely rewritten by Ben Hecht. Great Art Deco production design. A checklist of what the Hays Code took away from us. Damn you all, puritans, new and old alike!

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