Gallant Indies

Gallant Indies ★★½

Wanted to like this more, usually I'm a sucker for docs that follow first rehearsals all the way through to opening night. And it seems interesting - an 18th century Rameau opera staged with modern interpretations -- cell phones! riot police! -- including, and most importantly, a diverse cast of dancers from the world of street dance, like vogueing, krumping, and several other sub-genres I can't remember. Where it falls down is being *too* democratic, for by the end I couldn't remember any body's name or their specialty, and there was plenty of charisma to go around. Also, for all the mention of the various styles, the film is pretty stingy in showing much of it. The opening circle, where several dancers show off, hints at it, and put me in mind of Noé's Climax. We just kind of...take their word for it. When the premiere ends with an astonishingly long standing ovation, I felt like I had missed out.

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