Michael Clayton

Michael Clayton ★★★★

Feels like a great '70s conspiracy thriller but after everybody has figured out the conspiracy, is okay with it, and goes back to doing what they were doing anyway. Inspired to watch because Jesse Hawken has been obsessively using gif's of Tilda Swinton's Karen Crowder to mock Linda Yaccarino, Twitter's fall guy CFO, and I know so many film peeps speak highly of it. Tom Wilkinson is great too--is he off his meds, or has he actually woken up to the evil of capitalism? And one day you're buying 12 baguettes and the next you're whisked off this planet by two guys staging a suicide like they're swapping out tires at a Formula 1 pit stop. So it goes. The film demands you pay attention to it, it is not for dummies. The only thing showing its age might be the denouement, not as cynical as I was expecting. Clooney was fantastic too.

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