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This review may contain spoilers.

My second watch, but 20 years (!) later in a very nice print with subtitles (the first time was on a vhs dub sans subtitles). Still better than the dummy dumdum American version, but this too has some problems, one being that Reiko's boy is spooky for no real reason, and makes his infection and Reiko's desperation not as urgent. I also am a bit befuddled why the introduction of Reiko's ex-husband is so low-key, there's no dialog to indicate who he is, perhaps this was just something obvious to the Japanese audience. But surely this is the emotional core of the film: estranged couple must reunite to save themselves and their child from curse? What this film has over the remake though is atmosphere, it's downbeat like a Kiyoshi Kurosawa, all the locations feel lonely and abandoned, even when there's people in it. The cursed videotape was much shorter than I remember it too.

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