The Wolf of Snow Hollow ★★★★

Jim Cummings yet again plays a cop on the edge of losing his mind in his second feature (I have yet to watch Thunder Road, but will soon rectify this). And while his Sheriff Marshall might be a tad shouty for taste, I never disbelieved his actions and emotions. He's the heart at the center of this werewolf/crime thriller, which successfully balances humor, gore, and emotion--Cumming's makes sure to give plenty of screen time to flesh out his victims before their untimely demise, and to make sure we also feel the grief of those left behind (especially Jimmy Tetro, who plays what could have been the "dumb jock" character with depth in very limited screen time. (Plus, what a voice he has). Also, maximum lump-in-throat feels for seeing Robert Forster for what had to be one of his last roles. Riki Lindhome is great too, in fact everybody is great, and it works in keeping you guessing. No fat, no wasted scenes, highly recommended.