When Evil Lurks

When Evil Lurks ★★★★

Here is the promise that Rugna showed in his earlier "Terrified," which juggled too many ideas. Here's one idea: the appearance of a putrefactin' possessed man, a "rotten" as they call it, spells doom for a man, his family, his town (and we assume the whole world) if he can't figure out how to annihilate it before it gives birth to the devil itself. Thing is, Pedro (Ezequiel Rodríguez) might not be the right man for the job, even though he is presented as our protagonist/hero. The looks that he gets from his brother Jimi (Demián Salomón) tell us how tenuous that all is. But there he goes, in complete panic, trying to save his family and get the hell out of dodge, while the devil is always three steps ahead. The pall of evil hangs over the whole film, the segment at his ex-wife's house is the most adrenaline/terror-filled I've felt in a long time (but one that makes you want to laugh/applaud at how nuts/ballsy it all is). Similar to "Terrified", the brothers find assistance from a mentor, Mirtha (Silvina Sabater), with all sorts of knowledge and equipment to battle demons. But this is in no way a Hollywood horror film, and would it be a spoiler to know nothing goes well for anybody?

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